Copywriting is a highly specialized kind of writing. Peggy Olson may make it look easy in Mad Men, but this succinct style of writing means a lot of planning behind the scenes.

Copy can take many forms. It could mean writing for brochures, advertisements, social media posts, websites, graphics, posters, banners, among other things. Check out some examples of my copywriting below.

1. Monogram Creative Console Website

In my role at Monogram, I was the lead on writing all new content for a updated Monogram website that was re-built and re-designed by our team. I wrote copy for the Homepage, the How it Works page, each workflow page, and all of the the e-commerce pages, including product descriptions, frequently asked questions, shipping & warranty information, etc.

I also wrote copy for Monogram’s social media ads, graphics, Kickstarter campaign, product packaging, and other digital media and communications materials. The copy was aimed at creative professionals using software like Adobe.

2. Monogram Kickstarter

For our 2019 Kickstarter campaign, I wrote copy for the Kickstarter page, including frequently asked questions, graphics, and all updates. I also managed the community page and answered questions from backers and customers.