Whether it’s creating engaging content or engaging with a community, I love the customer-facing nature of social media.

Social really is one of the best communications tools because it’s inherently a two way conversation between brand and customer. Some brands may shy away from social media or fear negative comments. But not me.

I’m there to seize every opportunity to build a better connection with a potential customer. Every comment is an opportunity to start a conversation and engaging is one of the best tools brands have to build trust and loyalty. Truly, this is my super power, if ever I had one.

Beyond that, social media is also a great place to get creative and shine with content that’s full of brand personality, tone, and captivating design. Here is some copy I wrote for a social media post for Monogram Creative Console, a local tech startup. The design was created by our Creative Director.

In September 2019, I helped launch Monogram Creative Console on Kickstarter. We used Twitter, Instagram, and landing pages to generate interest and build hype before the campaign even launched. My role was to write copy for all social media channels among other copywriting and press outreach initiatives.

In 30 days, we raised over $320,000 (400% of our funding goal) to fund our company’s project to create the next generation creative hardware. The Instagram post below launched the hardware to our audience. Click below to see the content and engagement I helped generate between our audience and our brand.