Here are examples of multi-channel marketing communications campaigns that I worked on, one of which was for a new product launch.

1. Planning and Setting Goals

I created a marketing communications plan for this product launch that included our marketing goals for the launch, the audience we would be targeting, key messages, strategies, and channels we would be using. The launch campaign included email marketing, social media, media outreach, and landing pages to generate online buzz about the new products.

2. Pre-Launch: Generate Buzz and Leads

As part of our product launch, we decided to do a sneak peek campaign to generate buzz among our existing audience. The goal was to generate buzz, social media mentions, expand our online reach, and generate leads (email sign ups).

Social Media Posts

Social media posts were created to peek interest with captivating images that were created by my team and fun copy that I wrote.

Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Several emails were created to generate interest and a landing page was created to collect emails from those that wanted to be among the first to know about our launch. I used existing assets to design the email and landing page in MailChimp and wrote copy that aligned with our key messages for the launch.

Media Outreach

Check out the media outreach I prepared for this launch here.

3. Launch

Our multi-channel launch included the following: Kickstarter live, social media launch posts, launch email to list, embargoed press release.

4. Results

  • 908% increase in monthly online impressions
  • 3x media hits generated
  • 27.6% increase in monthly online engagement and mentions
  • 200% increase in monthly website traffic
  • Fully funded on Kickstarter in 2 hours after launch and raised over 400% of our funding goal in 30 days

Want to see the marketing plan behind this launch? Connect with me below.