Your Professional Networking Plan (PNP)

BuzzFeed’s “10 Awkward Moments When You’re Unemployed” video may be humorous, but it is a bit of an eye opener for those who relate to it a little too well. As students, this scenario may be the omnipresent ghost of career future who has made himself far too comfortable considering he’s only a guest! Such bad manners, ghost of career future!

The reality is that many of us may be faced with some of the “moments” presented in this video. Whether we’re just entering the labour force, or in-between jobs, being unemployed is something we’ve all either already experienced, are currently experiencing, or will experience at some point in our lives.

That totally awkward question of “what do you do?” is a staple of almost any first encounter, especially while professionally networking. This post is about being prepared to answer this inevitable question when networking in a professional setting, and to hopefully better prepare you to skillfully and tactfully turn that awkward moment into networking success. Continue reading Your Professional Networking Plan (PNP)