Copywriting is a highly specialized kind of writing. Peggy Olson may make it look easy, but this succinct style of writing means a lot of planning behind the scenes.

I wrote a lot of copy for advertisements and brochures while working on a rebranding project for Conestoga College’s Career Services. Below is a sample of bookmarks that we made to promote the services to a student audience. The bookmarks were handed out at the Conestoga bookstore with every purchase during orientation week. Career Services was the first service to cross-promote through the bookstore – a relationship that I helped foster between the two departments.

The bookmarks were meant to advertise one very specific service that Career Services offered.


Job Market Bookmark FrontJob Market Bookmark Back

Skyscrapper Bookmark FrontScyscrapper Bookmark Back

Career Chaos FrontCareer Chaos Bookmark Back




Below is an example of copy that I wrote for a mock print ad for The Centre in the Square, Kitchener-Waterloo’s performing arts centre. Along with writing the tagline and copy for the ad, I have also included a copywriting plan. A copywriting plan is beneficial in order to strategically plan for and then write copy.


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