Content Marketing


Have you ever read a great article online and just thought about how much a particular friend of yours would also really enjoy said article? You would probably bring that article to their attention by emailing it to them or using a social media channel to share it with them.

This scenario implies that you have an understanding of your friend’s interests and subject matter preferences. Maybe you send certain topics to some friends, and different topics to others.

This is the very idea behind content curating. According to Greg Shuey‘s article “5 Tools That Can Help You With Your Content Curation Efforts” on the Search Engine Journal, content curating is “finding and selecting the most relevant and highest quality content that meets the needs of your target audience on a particular subject.”

Below are two samples of content marketing that I have done as part of my Integrated Marketing Communications program at Conestoga College. The content was done for a mock blog post and a mock Facebook post for two real products. The content is followed by a content marketing plan.












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