Perception is Reality: what we can learn from feminism

Here is an interesting infographic from Maclean’s, which presents the results of several polls that asked men a simple question: “Are you a feminist?” The answers, however, are far more intriguing to analyze from a marketing communications perspective.

In short, the male readers were far more likely (51%) to identify as a feminist once the definition was given (versus just 15% who identified with being a feminist before the definition was given).

As Maclean’s points out in their article, the recent speech that Emma Watson gave at the UN, in which she urges men to be allies in fighting for women’s social, political, and economic equality, makes it all the more relevant to understand just how and why men do or do not identify with a feminist movement.

Whether you agree with feminism or not is besides the point here. What is important is the fact that perceptions about feminism versus the actual defintion of feminism are shown to be in direct conflict with one another. Continue reading